23 February 2024

In-Page Push in 2024

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Our advertising network provides advertisers the opportunity to advertise all popular CPA market verticals using three effective advertising formats: Web Push, OnClick, and In-Page. Each of these formats has its own list of advantages and features, that directly impact the likelihood of users performing the necessary actions and the final profit. This time, let’s delve into the effectiveness of In-Page notifications for advertising, identify the main advantages of the format over others, and understand how to achieve maximum profit from In-Page campaigns in 2024.

Let’s get started!

In-Page Push

In-Page Push is a unique advertising format that combines banner advertising and push notifications. For advertisers, the format solves several problems at once. It allows launching advertising campaigns on iOS devices without requiring user subscription.

Initially, the format was developed as a full replacement for classic push notifications, allowing the delivery of advertising offers to users with iOS devices. However, after brief tests, In-Page proved to be a full-fledged format capable of attracting the attention of potential users and effectively advertising any available verticals. Today, the In-Page format is more often used in combination with push notifications. This way, advertisers achieve maximum audience engagement across different devices and advertising campaigns reach large volumes of targeted traffic.

In-Page Push Features:

  • Integration with the website. In-Page Push notifications are displayed on the website page and are perceived as messages from the system, browser or platform.
  • No subscription required. Users do not need to subscribe to push notifications. They see notifications on the website page.
  • Adblock bypass. Unlike some types of ads, In-Page Push can bypass ad blockers, which positively affects delivery to users.
  • iOS support. Classic push notifications are not displayed on iOS devices. While In-Page Push doesn’t face such problem.
  • Browser support. In-Page Push fuctions on all platforms and browsers.
  • Low cost. There is a CPC model in Push.House. The minimum cost per click for In-Page starts at $0.0001.

Unlike other push formats, In-Page notifications are placed directly on the page and visually resemble classic banners. Thanks to this feature, advertisers manage to achieve maximum user engagement by imitating the format of classic notifications. Visually, In-Page looks the same as push notifications. The advertising creative consists of an image, headline, and text. The key difference in the design of In-Page notifications is that the creative does not contain an icon and badge, and also it’s not possible to customize the button text.

If we consider In-Page from a technical point of view, we will find more in common with classic banners than with other push formats. In-Page notification opens in the most visible part of the user’s screen. Visually, it is disguised as a system notification or newsletter, but in reality, it is only a part of the website being displayed. Styling as a system message allows to provoke the user to click due to personalization and instantly solves the problem of banner blindness.

Choosing Verticals for In-Page Advertising

The uniqueness of the advertising format allows effectively advertise offers of all available verticals on the CPA market, but achieving stable profit in the advertising of particular niches is more realistic. Currently, the most converting verticals that advertisers at Push.House promote using the In-Page format are:

  • White-hat verticals

White verticals are fully legal offers that provide real benefits from usage. White offers are allowed to be advertised in all traffic sources and are in demand among audiences from different GEOs. White offer categories include some nutra offers, physical goods, financial vertical and several other less popular but equally profitable niches.

As a completely legal direction of affiliate marketing, white verticals have several advantages that allow effectively advertise offers to a wide audience:

  1. Large number of offers. Advertisers have access to a wide range of offers in different directions: from household goods and clothing to dating services and HR offers.
  2. Perspective cooperation. Unlike gray verticals, where advertisers need to regularly come up with new approaches, combinations for white offers can last much longer.
  3. Audience loyalty. In case a user purchases a white vertical offer, they know in advance what they will get in the end. Physical goods from white niches often have authenticity certificates, which positively affects the growth of user trust and trust in the offer itself.
  4. Relevance. White offers are always relevant. Most of them are considered stable, which guarantees successful advertising in any season and to any audience.

White verticals include a wide range of categories, the most popular of which are:

  • Whitehat (White goods) – legal consumer goods

This direction includes consumer goods that each of us regularly uses in life. White goods are one of the favorite verticals among a large number of advertisers. Rates for the successful advertising of some offers are competitive enough, which, in turn, attracts the attention of both experienced advertisers and newcomers.

  • Real estate (Pay per Call) – a vertical of offers for renting or selling real estate

The advertising model in this case resembles nutra offers – the advertiser attracts traffic to the landing page, the user leaves a request and waits for representatives of the call center to contact them. It may seem that payments for selling a property can amount to huge sums, but in reality, the advertiser receives a reward for a targeted call, not for a successful sale or lease.

Gradually, the Pay per Call model has gone beyond real estate rentals and today includes everything that requires a call from a call center employee.

·      Travel

This is a vertical of offers related to travel: last-minute tours, insurance, transfers, cruises, etc. Representatives of the offer are often small companies providing rental and other services. Popular payment models include RevShare, CPA, and CPC.

·      Info-offers

This is a vertical of offers of various courses, webinars, and other products developed by experts in various fields, gaining popularity in recent years. The most popular courses include training and personnel development programs, but sports programs are also often encountered. Payment models here are CPA or RevShare.

·      Educational offers

The vertical provides language learning programs, exam preparation courses, as well as essay and diploma preparation services. In 2024, the vertical has firmly established itself in the market as never before. The main target audience of the vertical is students. Popular payment models include CPL and RevShare.

·      HR

It’s one of the youngest verticals in the market, including offers for finding employees, in other words, vacancies. Payouts are made for a successful application or employment. Webmasters are paid either for a submitted application or for the actual hiring.

Often, the vertical includes vacancies offers that don’t require spesific skills (workers, courierrs, salespeople), though recently, finding IT specialists offers have appered on the market. In this case, payouts increase significantly.

·      Installs

Installs is a vertical of software offers, applications, and browser extensions. Installs are popular in almost all GEOs and offer users various software and utilities that simplify and optimize most processes related to using a PC, mobile device, or internet access.

In the case of advertising installs, users do not need to buy anything or make a deposit. The target action of most offers is installation. Once the user downloads and installs the software on their device, the advertiser receives a guaranteed payout.

Among the wide range of offers, the most popular products in the niche are:

  1. Antiviruses. Despite the continuous improvement of security in most operating systems, antivirus software remains popular. Anti-malware programs are characterized by their low requirements for ad materials preparation.
  2. VPN. These are popular services for changing GEO-location. They gained widespread use due to political instability worldwide (sanctions and service blockages), as well as the spread of cryptocurrencies and other areas requiring data substitution or complete anonymity online.
  3. Cleaner. Applications for clearing cache and other “junk” from mobile phones and PCs are popular among owners of devices running on Android and Windows operating systems.
  4. Ad blockers. As the name suggests, these programs allow users to view content, visit websites, and browse the internet without ads.

·      Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes is a vertical of sweepstakes and lotteries, popular among both advertisers and audiences regardless of the season or advertising region.

Sweepstakes offers invite users to participate in drawings in exchange for a target action: registration, filling out a form, or linking a card. Prizes for participation may vary depending on the contest organizer. Usually these are mobile equipment, free subscriptions to popular services, trips, coupons and much more.

The main goal of such sweepstakes is to collect audience data and use it to achieve potential marketing goals (sales, stirring up users interest, subscriptions, etc.). The popularity of the vertical is largely determined by the simple participation conditions that do not require any investment from the user. The target audience of sweepstakes offers has no restrictions or strict boundaries. Equal interest in the niche is noted in any GEO and age group.

To effectively advertise sweepstakes offers through In-Page notifications, advertisers utilize pre-landers. On the target page preceding the landing page, there is a warming-up process that stir up the user’s interest and explains the benefits of participating in the giveaway. Pre-landers with interactive elements such as puzzles, a wheel of fortune, or gift selection are the most popular and predictably effective.

·      Finance

The finance vertical includes all offers related to depositing, receiving, and processing funds. The financial niche is considered as a stable vertical and remains relevant regardless of the season or GEO where advertising is planned. The particular popularity of the niche has been gained in countries with unstable economic situations, but since the emergence of cryptocurrencies and the development of the banking sector, the popularity of the vertical is noted in all regions.

Users’ need for receiving money “here and now” is caused by many factors: delayed wages, low financial literacy, force majeure situations requiring large sums, etc. Regardless of the reasons, the majority of financial offers not only offer immediate money but also provide opportunities for education in investment, trading, and other forms of earning.

·      Crypto vertical

The crypto vertical includes offers related to virtual currency: courses, trading, investments, and, of course, exchanges. Despite its young age (the first crypto offers began to appear in the distant 2016), the niche is considered one of the most in-demand and popular in the market.

Initially, crypto offers and everything related to them were grouped into a larger vertical – finance. Gradually, the market was supplemented with new advertising offers, offering affiliates a wide choice of offers available for advertising. The direction started developing: new cryptocurrencies appeared, blockchain was being implemented.

  • Dating

Dating is a vertical of online dating, encompassing various services, applications, websites, and other platforms. This direction is considered one of the most stable verticals in affiliate marketing. Meeting people, seeking to start a family, finding a sexual partner — these are all natural human needs. The direction remains relevant regardless of the season and enjoys popularity regardless of the region of advertising. With the advent of the internet, the format of dating has undergone significant changes. Now, meeting new people has become even easier. Online dating is considered one of the most popular forms of partner search for relationships.


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Key Distinctions of the In-Page Format from Web Push and OnClick

For a visual comparison of advertising formats, Push.House presents a special summary table:

Characteristics Web Push OnClick In-Page
Display As a pop-up window on the user’s device Upon clicking on any website part On a web-page
Content integration No (displays regardless of the user interaction on the partner’s website) No (displayed after the user interacts with the web page) Yes
Requires subscription Yes No No
Agressivness Avarage High Low
Design freedom Full Partial Limited
Delivery High High Avarage
Target settings Complete functionality Complete functionality Complete functionality
iOS devices support No Yes Yes
Adblock bypass No No Yes in-house traffic Yes No Yes

Based on the presented table, we see that the key advantages of the In-Page format over other Push.House formats are:

  • Content Integration: The In-Page format is integrated directly into the content of the web page, making it less intrusive and more natural for users.
  • Low Intrusiveness: Since In-Page ads do not interrupt the user experience or pop up from outside, they have a low level of intrusiveness, contributing to positive audience perception.
  • Design Opportunities: The In-Page format provides wide opportunities for creative design and interactivity, allowing advertisers to attract users in various ways.
  • Delivery: Due to its naturalness and integration into content, In-Page advertising has a moderate delivery level.
  • Targeting Capability: In-Page advertising campaigns offer the possibility of precise targeting, significantly increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and the likelihood of conversion.
  • Availability of in-house Traffic in Push.House: Not long ago, we announced an update to Push.House, which some of our partners had been eagerly awaiting. Now, In-Page push is available for advertising on Push.House’s internal subscription bases. The ad format itself has been available to partners of our advertising network for a long time, but previously it could only be used for advertising via feeds.
  • Anti-Blocking: Unlike some types of advertising, In-Page Push can bypass ad blockers, which positively impacts delivery to users.

Thus, In-Page stands out not only for its ability to be advertised on iOS and bypass ad-blocking programs but also for its low intrusiveness, detailed targeting setup, and the ability to enable on Push.House’s internal databases. The combination of these advantages makes it one of the most effective advertising formats in our advertising network.

However, the greatest effectiveness in the advrtising process can be achieved only by simultaneously using both notification formats. In-Page Push provides notification integration on the page, while Web Push notifications allow advrtising even when the browser tab is closed. As for OnClick, this format is ideal for capturing the attention of users interested in specific topics or products, as well as for stimulating necessary target actions.

Simultaneous use of all three formats will allow you to reach a larger target audience and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Such a combination will provide an opportunity to create a comprehensive and efficient advertising strategy that suits your offer and promotion model.

How to Launch an In-Page Push campaign

To launch an advertising campaign using the In-Page Push format, you need to:

1. Find the Push.House menu on the left and click “Create Campaign.”

2. In the campaign creation settings, select the advertising format “In-Page Push.”

3. If necessary, enable feeds or use only Push.House internal subscription bases.

4. Continue setting up the advertising campaign. If necessary, use the detailed guide to launch the ad campaign.


In-page is an effective advertising format that ensures a stable ROI through non-intrusive delivery and integration with popular approaches in advertising most CPA market verticals. In our blog, we regularly publish useful materials on affiliate marketing, successful case studies of advertising campaigns by our partners, as well as announcements and updates related to improving the Push.House advertising network. Apply the knowledge gained and verify the effectiveness of advertising across popular CPA market verticals by creating your first Push.House advertising campaign through the link provided.

We value the success of our partners and want other advertisers to learn about the results they can achieve using our advertising network. Therefore, if you:

  • Have launched a campaign on Push.House and made a profit
  • Have optimized and improved performance
  • Can justify your approach choice
  • Are ready to share your advertising experience with colleagues

Then send us your case, and we’ll pay for it! We don’t care what offers you advertise. The cost of the case study depends only on its quality and the numbers.


the Push.House team


Launch In-page traffic on Push.House

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