9 November 2023

Dating Vertical: Full Guide

 Hello! This is Push.House. We continue to talk about the verticals that you can effectively promote through our advertising network. Next in line is dating vertical. In this article, we will discuss what the dating vertical offers entail, the payment models it includes, as well as the approaches to promoting dating offers that are popular among Push.House advertisers.


The dating vertical encompasses various services, websites, and other platforms for online dating. This area is considered one of the steady media buying verticals. People naturally seek to meet others, start families, and find sexual partners; these are basic human needs. This direction stays relevant year-round and remains popular in any region, regardless of the season. With the advent of the internet, the format of dating has undergone significant changes. Now, meeting new people has become even easier. Online dating is considered one of the most popular ways to find partners for relationships.

The CPA market is regularly enriched with new offers targeting various demographic groups. Traffic volumes continue to grow, as does user interest in the niche.

This stable vertical attracts many advertisers keen on profiting from relevant market promotion opportunities. This vertical excels in generating stable high-quality traffic volumes in Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 countries. Push.House partners can effectively promote dating offers in any region. With the right approach, achieving high conversion rates is possible in any GEO.

Payouts for promoting dating offers in developed regions can reach $1-2. With minimal investments and a large amount of target traffic, this rate is considered quite decent. Dating is suitable not only for experienced media buyers familiar with all the nuances of promoting offers online but also for newcomers to the industry. Simple conversions, a minimal budget to start, and large volumes of high-quality traffic all provide an excellent foundation for a potential advertising campaign launch.

Advantages of Dating Vertical:

  • Low entry barrier. Advertisers do not need large budgets to start in this vertical, allowing newcomers to effectively utilize the opportunities of the vertical.
  • Stable conversion rates. The particular feature of this vertical is that it offers users the opportunity to meet their needs without the requirement of making a deposit or payment upfront. Users are much more willing to register on platforms than to place orders. Choosing the right payment model will guarantee benefits from promotion.

Disadvantages of Dating:

  • Small payouts. The average rate for promoting a dating offer varies around $1.
  • High competition. Dating is considered one of the most popular verticals in the CPA market.

Types of Offers

As we’ve mentioned, the dating vertical encompasses various platforms created for making new acquaintances or finding partners for long-term relationships or one-night stands. If we attempt to classify all dating offers into categories, we get:


Classic dating aimed at building long-term and serious relationships. Mainstream offers focus on creating a close emotional connection and assisting the user in finding a partner that matches their preferences.


One of the most popular categories of dating offers. Dating often overlaps with the 18+ theme, as many users are looking for acquaintances not so much for building relationships, but to fulfill their natural needs.

The key distinction of adult dating is the explicit nature of the content and straightforward hints at potential sexual intimacy. The audience of adult offers is not interested in building long-term relationships and seeks one-night encounters without commitments.

Adult dating is considered the most popular category in the online dating niche. Currently, the following subcategories of such offers are distinguished:

  • Casual: One-night encounters without commitments.
  • Ebony: Platforms for online dating targeted at African-Americans.
  • MILF: A popular direction in online dating in Europe, aimed at meeting women aged 40+.
  • BDSM: Thematic dating.


Dating offers for homosexuals, including all representatives of the LGBT movement. Conversions are possible in various regions.

In reality, there are many more directions for dating offers, as encounters may happen not only for the purpose of new relationships.
Users may be looking for partners for hobbies or simply new friends. However, such offers are less common in the market, which is why we intentionally did not include them in our list.

The question of which category of offers is the most popular remains open. Much will depend on the chosen region for promotion, as well as the characteristics of the potential audience. To understand which offers and approaches to their promotion are most popular in the GEO where you plan to promote, use a competitor advertising monitoring service. Push.House partners can use the free Spy.House service for this purpose. We’ve written about how to use it here.

Guide: How To Use Spy.House

One of the brilliant solutions in the adult vertical is the Smartlink. This smart link will determine the user’s GEO, their device, and redirect them to the offer suitable for that GEO and device with a high conversion rate.

Target Audience

The primary target audience for dating offers is men. Platforms often require deposits for added features, targeting financially capable users. Emphasize creatives for the male audience. While females use dating sites, functionalities rarely involve payments. Platform owners attract women by promising financial-free meeting opportunities.

Adult offers’ target audience varies with the chosen direction. Conduct a pre-campaign audit for effective conversion. Creative design depends on the intended audience.


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Payment Models

There are several payment options in dating. Website owners experiment with platform functionality, offering users new ways to interact with potential partners. This allows advertisers to independently choose the payment model that seems most advantageous to them. Currently, the following payment models are distinguished:


Classic payment for a specific action (purchase of a premium subscription or internal platform currency). Depending on the target action, there are several payment options:

– CPL/PPL — payment per lead (registration). The advertiser receives a payout after the user registers on the platform, providing their name, email address, mobile number, and other details. The payout amount may vary depending on the need for user-confirmed registration. Two variations of CPL are commonly distinguished:

SOI (Single Opt In) — payment after registration. The advertiser receives a payout IMMEDIATELY after the user’s registration, regardless of whether they continue to fill out their profile later.

DOI (Double Opt In) — payment for registration confirmation. The advertiser receives a payout after the user confirms registration by clicking a link sent to the provided email address or to the provided mobile number.

CPI — payment for app installation. The advertiser receives a payout after the user downloads and installs the app on their device.

CPS — payment for a purchase. The advertiser receives a payout after the user makes a purchase on the platform (e.g., buying premium access or in-game currency).


A payment model where the advertiser receives a percentage of all user spending on the platform over the entire period of its use. This payment option is less common and implies working with large volumes of high-quality traffic.


In comparison to gambling, dating vertical offers cannot boast of large rates. Considering the fact that the active audience here is much larger, advertisers achieve profit by attracting large volumes of traffic.

The promotion of dating offers in this case is done through a universal link called a smartlink.

A smartlink is a link that selects the most relevant offer for a specific user based on the GEO from which the click was made.

From a technical point of view, it works as follows:

  • The advertiser requests a smartlink from the affiliate network whose offer they plan to promote.
  • Multiple advertising campaigns are created for different regions.
  • The smartlink is used as the offer link.
  • After clicking the link, the user is automatically directed to a page that matches the specific region from which the click was made.

Smartlink allows advertisers to work without a specific landing page, freeing them from the need to customize its content. Currently, promotion using a smartlink is considered one of the most profitable options, as it does not involve additional time and financial costs.

The only drawback of a smartlink is the inability to obtain specific data about clicks. Consider promoting dating offers through specific affiliate networks initially. Gain experience, understand promotion nuances, then transition to smartlinks confidently.

Approaches to Creating Creatives for Dating Vertical

The approaches to creating dating creatives are straightforward and should not pose difficulties in preparing the visual part of the advertising campaign. The most important thing for the advertiser is to understand their target audience. Only in this case will you be able to prepare the most relevant advertising offer and engage potential users, motivating them to take the desired action.

The key thing to avoid when preparing creatives for dating vertical offers is the use of unrealistic photos (models, celebrities, etc.) and excessive nudity. Using models of a different nationality can also influence the final conversion. If you are running an advertising campaign in the CIS countries, featuring a person of African descent in the visual part of the ad will look at least out of place.

To maximize the benefits when promoting through Push.House, you can consider using one of the tips provided below:

Use realistic photos.

Men connect better with women matching their social and financial standing. “Ordinary” girl ads are clicked more than supermodel ads.

It’s best to find photos in stock photo libraries or on social media platforms. Selfies, everyday snapshots, and vacation photos work best. Content from professional photo studios may deter users, so it’s better not to overuse it.

Create several variations of creatives with blondes, brunettes, or red-haired girls. Test launch reveals the best-converting creative. Optimize other options based on this information for improvement.

Reach out directly.

Ad creatives resembling popular messengers or personal messages convert best. Directly address users as a girl seeking communication. Emphasize real meeting possibilities for further connection.

Loving Couple.

This approach is relevant when promoting mainstream offers. The emphasis should be on warmth, care, and the emotional aspect of such a couple.

  • Bare Body Parts.

Another popular and equally effective approach known for its straightforwardness. The principle is self-explanatory.


Push.House advertisers find dating relevant as most users globally seek potential partners. A well-matched creative boosts performance. Experiment, test headlines, and assess the results for effective optimization with minimal budget usage.

Stay updated with our blog and stay informed about current market trends.

Good luck!


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