19 April 2024

How to Choose GEO for Launching in Push.House

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Selecting the region for advertising your upcoming advertising campaign is one of the key tasks in preparing for promotion. Advertisers in our advertising network can effectively promote offers from all popular verticals in more than 185 GEOs worldwide. Each of these countries has its unique characteristics requiring a unique approach. It’s essential to understand these characteristics and know how to create a campaign that generates revenue in order to choose the right GEOs for launching and achieve consistent profitability. This time, we’ll delve into what influences the choice of GEOs, which principles to adhere to in selection, and what “Network Volume” has to do with it.

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GEOs in Affiliate Marketing

First, let’s recall what GEOs are. In affiliate marketing, GEO refers to the country or region where advertising is planned. The choice of GEO determines which region’s audience will receive the advertising notifications of your campaigns. It’s important to understand that the concept of GEO is not limited to a specific country. Regions can encompass individual cities as well as entire countries.

The choice of the region directly affects the approach you will use in launching and the advertising budget required for effective traffic monetization. We’ve previously discussed how grading by regions works in affiliate marketing and what it depends on. If you missed our material on what Tier is, we recommend checking it out.

Geo in Affiliate Marketing: What Tier is

To avoid repetition, let’s say that the tier to which a potential GEO belongs determines the entire marketing strategy of the advertising campaign. By “entire,” we mean all individual campaign setup elements: targeting, approach selection, budget formation, offer selection, etc.

Why It’s Important to Approach GEO Selection Responsibly

As we’ve mentioned, choosing GEOs is one of the most crucial aspects of your advertising campaign. Choosing the wrong promotion region risks partial or complete loss of your budget. Audiences in different areas react differently to advertising notifications and the chosen approaches. What performs well in India and other Tier-2 countries may not yield clicks in the US and Canada.

The effectiveness of the advertising campaign also depends on the fact that consumer demand for different offer categories can vary greatly. Of course, if offers are popular in all regions without exception. However, some offers in different niches have a much more stable response among users than others.

Proper analysis of the target audience will allow you to understand better which regions’ residents are more likely to be interested in your advertising offer. This will allow you to not only effectively utilize the advertising budget but also increase the likelihood of profit from promotion.

Another important factor is the legality of certain offer categories in various GEOs. Our advertising network allows for the effective promotion of offers from all popular verticals, including gambling and betting. However, the legality of such offers in a specific region may indicate that serious competition has formed in the market, as not only advertisers but entire marketing agencies are involved in the promotion. Whether to compete with them or not is up to you. With a strategic approach, you can still profit in such cases, but the more accessible the market is in a specific vertical, the greater your likelihood of profit.


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Tips and Recommendations for Choosing GEOs in Push.House

For selecting GEOs that align with your marketing goals, consider these tips from the Push.House team:

Research legislation. As we’ve already mentioned, certain verticals may be officially illegal in some states. During the preparation stage of the advertising campaign, verify whether the vertical you’ve chosen is legal in the specific GEO you’ve selected, and based on the information obtained, create your future marketing strategy.

Identify the target audience. Before choosing GEOs for advertising, carefully study your offer’s target audience. Conduct an analysis and find out in which regions potential users of your offer are most often encountered. Special attention should be paid to demographics, consumer demand, internet speed, mobile connections, and the popularity of specific offers in the chosen region.

Explore Demand: Conduct market research to identify the region where consumer demand for your offer is highest. For this purpose, utilize our free spy service, keyword research platforms, and affiliate forums. We’ll leave a guide on using Spy.House here.

Guide: How To Use Spy.House

Analyze Competitors: Evaluate the level of competition in the region. Choose one or several regions that fit your strategy. You can also do this using our spy service.

Study Cultural and Mental Characteristics: Each region possesses unique cultural characteristics, mentality, and language. Study the target audience of the potential region and develop a couple of possible hypotheses for implementing advertising.

Assess Economic Indicators: Examine the selected regions’ income levels and purchasing power. Higher income levels correlate with a greater likelihood of achieving the target action.

Consult with Specialists: Push.House advertisers can always seek advice from their personal manager. They, in turn, will suggest which regions to focus on right now and assist in choosing the optimal GEO for any request.

Base Your Decision on the Advertising Budget: This is last but not least regarding GEO selection. We discussed the topic of tiers earlier, explaining the parameters for categorization. The higher the tier, the higher the quality and purchasing power of the traffic. The cost per click in our advertising network depends directly on the amount of traffic in the region and its purchasing power. For example, a click from a user in the US may cost several times more than a click from users in India. To determine rates by region, navigate to the ‘Network Volume’ section in your Push.House account.

Network Volume

The “Network Volume” section is crucial for planning and analyzing advertising campaigns. Here, you can only find out the average rate in a specific GEO and understand the amount of traffic it offers.

The central section includes a list of available GEOs with price recommendations. For convenience, all rates are divided into 2 categories: mobile devices and desktop. For each connection type, Push.House offers 3 rate options: minimum, recommended, and maximum. This information allows you not only to select rates correctly for a specific region but also to understand which GEO is most suitable for your advertising budget at the planning stage of the launch.

The right part of the table includes general information on clicks from GEOs in the last 24 hours. The data is updated every 24 hours and includes two categories: mobile devices and desktops.

If necessary, you can apply filters and find out up-to-date information on a specific advertising format, GEO, device, connection type, browser, or OS.


There is no universal solution to the question of GEO selection. After preparation, you’ll be able to identify several regions that fit the characteristics of your offer and advertising budget. Start testing several regions at once, allocating a small part of the budget for testing. Use the data obtained during the testing period to analyze and optimize further promotions and choose the most effective strategy for your advertising campaign.

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