5 April 2024

Specifics of Creating Creatives for Push Networks

Push notifications have proven to be an effective format for advertising campaigns, allowing for the efficient advertising of offers across popular verticals. Many advertisers use push networks as their primary traffic source due to the low cost of traffic and the lenient moderation system during creative review.

As one of the most essential elements in the setup, the advertising creative must comply with the rules of the advertising network while also provoking potential customers to take action. Let’s discuss where to look for, how to prepare, and what guidelines to follow when creating advertising creatives for push networks.


To launch an advertising campaign in Push.House, you don’t need to possess extraordinary skills in creating advertising creatives. The notification format is suitable for both beginners and experienced advertisers. Unlike advertising creatives on other traffic sources, push notifications have fewer requirements and are not difficult to set up.

In Push.House, the advertiser’s aim is to create the most engaging creative, which can ultimately lead to the target action.

A classic push consists of two parts:

1. Text: The headline and notification text. The text aims to emphasize the product’s benefits or motivate clicks using any available advertiser approaches.

You can use statistical values, emojis, and direct calls to action in the text. Particular attention should be paid to buttons and text urging the target action.

2. Image: The icon and main image contain brief information about the advertising offer and urge the target to take action.

Use fewer stock images and prefer unique creatives. Also, consider the devices on which the advertising is planned. If mobile devices are a priority, special attention should be given to the icon.

Visual brightness is crucial for the creative; the ad should distinguish itself from other content.

Both parts of your future creative need to complement each other and harmonize.

By referring to Spy.House, you can ensure the relevance of the advertising format across various verticals with demand in the CPA market. Approaches to creating effective creatives may vary depending on the offer’s vertical. Let’s explore the verticals popular in push networks and determine the most relevant approaches to creating creatives for each.


Regardless of the chosen vertical, the advertising creative must be intriguing and prompt the target action. This can be achieved through a properly chosen trigger and approach when creating creatives and landing pages. By effectively addressing the audience’s possible issues and offering solutions, you can achieve the highest efficiency in advertising offers in push networks.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics of creating creatives for popular verticals.


Nutra offers can be broadly categorized into subgroups, with creation approaches varying based on the offer category. In the case of promoting offers for potency enhancement and treatment, well-known images resembling specific body part and the use of precise values work best.

Weight loss offers work well with images of folk remedies or specific body parts. Classic approaches such as “Before/After” and personal experience also allow for high conversion rates and effective advertising of offers through push networks.

Nutra offers enjoy greater trust from the audience when approaches with images or quotes from experts or doctors are used in their advertising.

Nutra is considered a steady CPA vertical. Typically, for advertising nutra offers, advertisers use simple images without gloss. As for headlines, simple and understandable calls to action are best suited to a broad audience. Remember statistical values, too. Users readily trust advertising containing statistical indicators demonstrating the benefits of use.

The most popular approaches in creating Nutra creatives are:

  • Athletic body
  • Advice from doctors, experts, and celebrities
  • Usage experience
  • Results demonstration


Creatives for 18+ offers require cautious creation, balancing explicit adult content with imagery understandable to a broad audience.

Popular approaches to creating adult creatives include:

  • Clear associations
  • Neutral imagery
  • Customized animated images

Betting and Gambling

Regardless of the traffic source, gambling is considered one of the most popular directions among affiliates. Approaches to creating creatives for different sources are similar and mainly consist of describing bonuses, mentioning exact winnings amounts, personal experiences, and reactions to wins.

The main approaches in creating creatives for gambling verticals often include:

  • Game and sports event announcements
  • Personal experiences
  • Notifications of fund receipts
  • Information about bonuses and promotions
  • Use of bookmaker or online casino logos
  • Provocative images with direct calls to action

While advertising gambling verticals, notifications about unexpected wins and personal success stories work exceptionally well. When attracting traffic from GEOs where a specific sport is prevalent, focus on upcoming events and highlighting key players in the match.

Pay particular attention to bright elements and money emojis hinting at financial gain in creatives.

For gambling, incorporate striking game screens, images of slot machines, flying coins, and banknotes against the backdrop of a roulette wheel.


The finance and cryptocurrency vertical is considered one of the most popular among Push.House partners. The niche requires significant user investments, necessitating engagement over time before target action is taken. Push notifications allow for regular reminders to users about the possibility of passive income, bypassing additional flow stages.

When preparing creatives, include images and names of popular exchanges and cryptocurrencies, and showcase investment opportunities with pictures of luxury items.

The main approaches in creating creatives for the finance vertical often include:

  • Screenshots and text messages about credited funds
  • Information about bonuses and currency exchange rates
  • Images of money and luxury items
  • Logos of popular exchanges and cryptocurrencies
  • Personal experiences

When creating notification text, remember the specifics of the vertical with its inherent terminology and statistical indicators. The more indicators hint at a real profit you use on the creative, the higher the traffic loyalty.


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One of the most popular verticals on Push.House. The primary approach in advertising dating offers is a message allegedly sent from one of the popular messengers or dating sites. Statistics indicate a predominance of the male audience on dating sites, thus the creative should be tailored with a focus on men. In this case, a personalized approach makes male representatives feel their importance and genuine interest.

When creating creative for a dating offer, it’s important to understand the goal pursued by potential users. Images of a loving couple or a demonstration of interest in a one-night stand significantly increase the likelihood of clicking on the ad.

Using unretouched photos of “realistic” girls as images is best. The male audience is more likely to click on ads featuring real girls rather than models.

The main approaches in creating creatives for dating offers often include:

  • Personalized appealing
  • Calls to action
  • Images of logos of popular messengers

Pin submits

Pin submits are offers for subscriptions to various services, such as horoscopes, games, recipes, tarot readings, and more. The images typically feature recognizable mystical symbols, emojis, tarot cards, magic balls, amulets, weather phenomena, etc.

When advertising pin submits, particular attention is paid to mobile devices, so the main emphasis should be placed on the icon and headline.

Common approaches to creating pin submit creatives include:

  • Images featuring recognizable mystical symbols
  • Screenshots from popular esoteric shows
  • Pictures of recipes
  • Calls to uncover one’s fate
  • Coin visuals
  • Emojis
  • Zodiac sign signs

Where to Find Creatives

Before launching an advertising campaign, advertisers encounter the challenge of sourcing and composing creatives effectively. Creatives can be found in several ways:

  • Spy services: These are advertising monitoring services for competitors. Our partners can use our free Spy.House service to find advertising creatives before further customizing them or inspiration.

The service is easy to use and allows you to filter creatives by specified parameters and find the most relevant audiences for the offer’s current advertising campaigns.

  • Affiliate network: Many affiliate networks offer advertisers several ready-made creatives for the offers they represent. You can use ready-made creatives, but you shouldn’t count on high click-through rates. Typically, other advertisers are already using such creatives, and they are gradually becoming outdated. For optimal results, creatives from affiliate networks should be tailored to suit regional and audience preferences.
  • Create them: This is the most efficient way to create creatives. After analyzing the target audience and studying the offer’s features, you will understand what triggers to focus on when creating the offer. Use online services, most of which are free, to create creatives.

Popular services for creating creatives include:

  • Canva: A popular graphic design platform that works on the drag-and-drop principle and allows you to customize templates. Canva’s interface is easy to use and intuitive, and it won’t be challenging, even for those who have never worked with design software before.
  • Pixlr: A set of tools for editing images that allows you to create simple creatives.
  • Crello: An online editor for creating static and animated creatives. It includes a library with over 600,000 stock photos.

Utilize clear images for your audience to create the most effective creative within your setup. Remember that creative is not just an image. Particular attention should be paid to the textual component, including the headline.

Tips for Creating Creatives

Consider the Specifics of the Region

If advertising in the Middle East, ensure your creative features an Asian resident. Avoid silly mistakes that could cost you your budget.

Creative Interrelates with the Landing Page

If your creative’s image and text are not related to the landing page, the trigger that prompts the user to click may disappear after the page loads. Make sure the creative’s main message matches the landing page before launching an ad campaign.

Creative is About Creativity

Avoid familiar images and clichés. Original approaches are more likely to bring significant profits than tried-and-tested methods.

Show the Benefits of the Offer through Personal Experience

Users place greater trust in personal experiences similar to their own. Leverage this by depicting the average user of your offer in the creative. Demonstrate the ease of obtaining the offer and the benefits of its application through personal experience.

Be Concise

In the creative stage for push notifications, the advertiser’s goal is to convey maximum information within a limited character and image count. Use text as a vital tool for attracting traffic.


Push.House stands out with a reasonably lenient system for moderating creatives, allowing for effective advertising of offers across all popular verticals to a broad audience. By following the simple rules for creating effective creatives mentioned in this article, you can maximize the benefits of advertising.


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