6 November 2023

Guide to working with Gambling

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We continue to talk about popular verticals that advertisers can effectively promote using our advertising network. Today, let’s discuss one of the trending niches in 2023 – gambling. The niche of gambling games attracts the attention of both major market players and those who are just starting their journey in CPA. In this article, we’ll go over the main features of this vertical, find out the reasons for its popularity, and identify the most converting approaches to promote online casino offers through push notifications.

About the Vertical

Gambling encompasses online casinos, slot machines, as well as card and other gambling games. Offers related to gambling have always been in demand, but the peak of the vertical’s popularity came during the COVID-19 epidemic when a large part of the population was forced to spend time at home. Due to the imposed restrictive measures, users became more interested in alternative ways of earning and leisure activities. Online games with the possibility of making a profit met both of these needs and attracted attention from various demographics.

Since then, the industry has seen incredible growth. The market has been enriched not only with new players (operators) but also with dozens of exclusive games that have found their audience. To retain user attention, operators have to regularly improve their products, offering players new ways of depositing (including cryptocurrency) and various bonuses.

Previously, gambling referred to all types of gambling activities involving payouts, gambling and betting. After the popularization of sports betting in the digital space, betting separated into its own niche.

It’s not difficult to assess the potential of this vertical. Each year, more and more users show interest in the niche, and the legalization of gambling in many countries allows advertisers to use new methods to attract traffic. According to various estimates, about a third of the population engages in gambling at least once a year. This indicates a high level of user engagement and the relevance of this vertical for the audience.

Payment Models

The primary advantage of this vertical for advertisers is the potential for high payouts. The rates for promoting gambling offers are considered among the highest in the market, but much will depend on the chosen payment model.

Popular payment models:

  • CPA or payout for the first deposit. One of the most popular payout models. Payouts are made after the user makes their first deposit. The minimum deposit amount is specified in advance.
  • CPL or payout for lead. Payout is made after the user registration on the site and the hold period (traffic verification).
  • RevShare or a percentage of all deposits. Another equally popular payout option. Payouts are made over the long term, and the advertiser receives a certain percentage from each deposit made by the user.

Depending on the volume of traffic and the terms of partnership, some affiliate networks offer hybrid payment models.

The payout rates in the gambling niche attract a large number of advertisers, making it one of the most competitive niches in the market. To achieve maximum profit, advertisers need to study the audience and region where they plan to promote in detail.


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Target Audience of the Vertical

Certainly, the majority of the target audience consists of men. However, over the past few years, the percentage of female players has significantly increased. If we try to create an approximate profile of the average player, we would find the following characteristics:

  • Male or female, aged between 20-50 years old.
  • Average or close to average income.
  • Desire for quick earnings.
  • Inclination towards gambling.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • Resides in large and medium-sized cities and populated areas.

It’s important to note that not all users play for “money“. A significant percentage of users regularly visit online platforms for personal enjoyment and the thrill of victory. Only a few actually make a substantial income from gambling. The average users are more likely to trust platforms that promise a free start and bonuses for registration.

Types of Offers

The range of offers in the gambling segment is incredibly diverse. Essentially, any interactive game involving payouts can be considered a gambling offer. However, all types of offers can be approximately categorized into several groups:

  • Slots

This category includes roulette, dice, wheel of fortune, and slot machines. Many of these offers have physical counterparts that have gained popularity among the population. Thanks to their simple interface and the possibility of almost instant winnings, slots are considered one of the most popular offers in the niche.

The mechanics of slots are straightforward: the user presses a button and waits for the virtual reels to spin. If the combination obtained during the spin turns out to be a winning one, the user receives an instant payout.

  • Live Games

Live games represent classic casino games with one significant difference: the game is conducted by a real dealer. This category encompasses a wide variety of card and table games.

  • Crash Games

These are more dynamic games aimed at achieving an immediate win by predicting the outcome. The most popular example of this type of game is Aviator, where the user is asked to predict the flight dynamics of an airplane.

  • Card Games

This category includes poker, blackjack, and other popular card games. Many platforms regularly host major card tournaments, attracting both amateurs and experienced players. In such competitions, several real users compete against each other. Most platforms offer a choice of several variations of poker, making it easy for users to find a suitable card game option.

  • Lotteries

While less popular, lotteries are as profitable as other options. Lotteries involve the random selection of values. If the users correctly guess the final value, they receive a payout.

Approaches to Creating Creatives for Push Notifications

When creating creatives for gambling notifications, it’s important to carefully study the spy service and find out which approach is more popular in a specific region. You can do this by using our free spy service. You can read how to use it in our guide.

Guide: How To Use Spy.House

Popular approaches in creative development:

  • Bonuses and Promotions

Most players are looking for quick gains with minimal investment, so they may hesitate to deposit real money into an unfamiliar platform. Promotions and bonuses allow you to grab the audience’s attention and give them the opportunity to play relatively free-to-play games. Free spins, for example, not only convince the user of the reality of winning but also motivate them to make a deposit.

  • Winning Guarantee

Using clichéd slogans like “Win-Win” or “100% Win” significantly increases the chance of a click on the notification. Providing additional statistics emphasizing the accessibility of payouts in a specific region also boosts the overall conversion of the ad campaign.

  • Personal Address and Call to Action

Personalized addressing creates a sense of personalization in the advertising offer. Clearly stating the action required from the user to gain the benefit creates additional motivation for them to take that action. If possible, create a sense of urgency and prompt the user to click by indicating that the “promotion” is about to end.

  • News Approach

This is a popular approach in most Tier-2 and 3 GEOs. Create a news-style newsletter mentioning a fantastic winning story that shocked the world or tell the story of how a platform newcomer hit the biggest jackpot in history. This approach may not be new, but it hasn’t lost its conversion power.

  • Emotions

Emotion is considered the best trigger for achieving the desired action. Use images of happy players to make the offer’s audience feel the joy of such a victory.

  • Crediting

Another popular approach. Notifications are styled like short bank messages informing the user of the crediting of funds. The user only needs to click on the notification to find out how they can receive them.

In Conclusion

Gambling is one of the most popular and profitable verticals in media buying, but it’s not the only one that our partners can promote to achieve stable conversion rates. Before moving on to creating an advertising campaign, we recommend carefully studying the product and identifying the peculiarities of the target audience for the planned advertising. Stay tuned for updates in our blog to learn more about CPA marketing verticals that will take your campaigns to the next level.


Good luck!


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