20 September 2023

Betting Events 2023: A Advertiser’s Sporting Calendar

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Our advertisers effectively promote offers across all the top verticals. Some niches enjoy special popularity during specific seasons, while others remain consistently evergreen regardless of the time of year or users’ geographic locations. To enhance the effectiveness of promoting such verticals, advertisers actively employ various approaches that influence the ultimate conversion rate.

the vertical of sports betting, stands as one of the most popular categories among our advertisers. In 2023, betting rightfully holds its status as one of the market’s most stable verticals, with its popularity directly linked to global sporting events. For the effective promotion of bookmakers’ offers, advertisers are harnessing the power of event marketing.

In this article, we will explore how to promote betting offers through event marketing and delve into which sporting events at the end of 2023 might impact the final conversion rates of your advertising campaigns.

Betting and Event Marketing

In 2023, one of the most popular approaches to promoting bookmakers’ offers is event marketing, and it’s no surprise why. Betting is directly tied to the number of sports events available. Naturally, championships and tournaments occur worldwide on a regular basis. When a football championship ends on one side of the globe, a tennis tournament begins on the other. Sports are universally popular across all countries and among all demographics. However, the popularity of the events themselves can vary significantly. For example, a floorball championship garners far less attention than the group stage of the Champions League.

Event marketing involves creating an advertising campaign centered around a specific sporting event. This could be a championship, tournament, cup, or even an individual match or fight.

The popularity of a sporting event directly influences the number of bets placed on it. The more popular the sport and the grander the event, the higher the number of users wagering on the outcome. Advertisers who have chosen betting as their primary promotion vertical understand this, which is why, increasingly, they incorporate an event-driven approach when creating their creatives.

Advantages of Event Betting:

1. Tailored Approach: Event betting allows for a tailored approach to advertising.

2. Guaranteed Leads with Top Events: Choosing a top event guarantees lead generation.

3. Easy Creatives and Ad Content: It’s simple to create and select visual ad content.

4. Wide Target Audience: The target audience is much broader compared to standard bookmaker offers.

5. Minimal Ad Rejection: Advertisements are less likely to be rejected by the audience due to their natural interest.

The main revenue source for bookmakers consists of amateur players who don’t bet regularly but try their luck in top sports events. Event marketing significantly simplifies the advertiser’s search for an effective campaign approach. To achieve campaign success, it’s enough to select the right creative and compose an engaging headline.

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Push Notifications: What Are They and How Do They Work

While the approaches outlined in these topics are applicable to any vertical, there are specific considerations for creating push notifications for event betting in Push.House.


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Secrets of Creating Push Notifications for Event Betting

It might seem that there are no specific requirements for creating event betting creatives. However, everyone has something unique that attracts them in sports. For some, it’s the team’s victory and the title, for others, seeing their favorite athlete on the field and anticipating new records. Some are more interested in the excitement surrounding the event and the emotions that sports bring.

The approach an advertiser should use in creating creatives depends on what users are most interested in regarding the sports event. The most effective promotion options for event betting in Push.House include:


Sports Celebrities

Names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Conor McGregor, or Michael Jordan are well-known even to those who aren’t sports enthusiasts. Using these prominent names and images can attract the audience’s attention, creating a sense of significance for the sporting event.


The celebrity approach works best for top-level matches, semifinals, finals, title fights, or clashes between two superstar athletes.



What could be better than a winning bet? A free winning bet! The approach of using a free registration bonus works flawlessly because a significant portion of users interested in betting doesn’t have an account with any bookmaker. Combining an event that captures the audience’s interest with the opportunity for a FREE bet is one of the most effective ways to draw users’ attention to event betting.



Among the verticals of gambling, the approach of depicting the emotions of winning holds special popularity. However, in this case, it’s not about that. Sports are directly linked to emotions. Watching a match of your favorite team makes viewers experience the players’ emotions along with them. We feel joy, anger, and jubilation together with the athletes who interest us.


A sporting event is always about emotions. Demonstrating the players’ emotions makes the user anticipate the match’s events. Wanting not only to experience similar feelings, but also to reinforce them with a pleasant win, the user clicks on the advertising and places a bet. Creatives that feature vivid emotions deliver a stable conversion rate due to the subconscious projection of the emotional state onto the player.


Limited Time

Urgency is one of the primary triggers affecting the click-through rate of push notifications. All sports events have a specific date. Mentioning the match date and placing additional emphasis on how much time is left until kickoff can significantly increase conversion rates and motivate users to click.


2023 Event Calendar

All sports can be divided into two categories:

  1. Individual: Involves two athletes, one-on-one competition.
  2. Team: A group of athletes participates.

Among players, it’s generally considered more profitable to bet on individual sports. Predicting one athlete’s performance is easier than predicting an entire team. However, when it comes to event betting, this doesn’t matter. Advertisers choosing this approach are more concerned with the significance of the event itself and the ambiance surrounding it.

Today, the most popular sports among the audience are football, hockey, MMA, and esports. To help you plan your advertising campaigns around upcoming global sports events, we’ve prepared a special sports calendar for advertisers for the end of 2023:



– September 13 – December 29, 2023 — CS ESL Impact League Season 4: European Division

– September 17 — UFC Championship Fight: Alexa Grasso vs. Valentina Shevchenko

– September 19-20 — First round of the group stage of the 2023/24 Champions League

– September 21 — First round of the group stage of the 2023/24 Europa League

– September 22-24 — Formula 1: World Championship. Grand Prix of Japan



– October 3-4 — Second round of the group stage of the 2023/24 Champions League

– October 5 — Second round of the group stage of the 2023/24 Europa League

– October 6-8 — Formula 1: World Championship. Grand Prix of Qatar

– October 13 — Euro 2024 Qualifiers: Netherlands vs. France

– October 15 — Euro 2024 Qualifiers: Norway vs. Spain

– October 17 — Euro 2024 Qualifiers: England vs. Italy

– October 21 — UFC Championship Fight: Islam Makhachev vs. Charles Oliveira; Paulo Costa vs. Hamzat Chimaev

– October 24-25 — Third round of the group stage of the 2023/24 Champions League

– October 26 — Third round of the group stage of the 2023/24 Europa League



– November 7-8 — Fourth round of the group stage of the 2023/24 Champions League

– November 9 — Fourth round of the group stage of the 2023/24 Europa League

– November 16-21 — Qualifying matches for Euro 2024

– November 16-21 — Qualifying matches for the 2024 Copa America

– November 21 — Euro 2024 Qualifiers: Ukraine vs. Italy

– November 24-26 — Formula 1: World Championship, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

– November 28-29 — Fifth round of the group stage of the 2023/24 Champions League

– November 30 — Fifth round of the group stage of the 2023/24 Europa League



– December — First Channel Cup in Hockey

– December 12-13 — Sixth round of the group stage of the 2023/24 Champions League

– December 14 — Sixth round of the group stage of the 2023/24 Europe League


Typically, during major sporting events, additional information can be obtained from the affiliate network manager. Based on the data received, it will be much easier for you to create creatives for push notification ads.

The calendar we’ve provided consists of the key sporting events for the last quarter of 2023. Stay tuned to our blog for updates and stay informed about the major sports events in the world that can boost the conversion rate of your advertising campaign.

Best of luck!


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