23 February 2024

Key Metrics of Push.House Advertising Campaigns

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Partners using Push.House can leverage an internal dashboard to access comprehensive statistics, encompassing all essential metrics influencing campaign effectiveness. In this new article, we’ve compiled vital information on key metrics for Push.House advertising campaigns to help you navigate these metrics effortlessly and make timely adjustments.

Let’s dive in!

Key Statistics Metrics for Push.House Advertising Campaigns:

The statistics section of the Push.House personal account includes all the most important metrics needed to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Some are calculated using special formulas, while others have specific values. For example, impressions are one of the metrics that have specific values. Let’s start from them.

Basic Statistics Metrics for Push.House Advertising Campaigns:

  • Leads. The number of target actions taken by users after clicking on the ad.
  • Profit. The net profit of the advertiser from advertising, excluding expenses.
  • Expenses. The total amount spent on running the Push.House advertising campaign.
  • Revenue. The total amount earned as a result of advertising.
  • Clicks. The number of clicks on your campaign’s ad.
  • Impressions. The number of times your ad has been shown throughout the campaign.

Regarding the automatically calculated metrics, our advertising network currently monitors the following metrics:

  • CTR (Click-through Rate)

CTR is a crucial metric indicating the clickability of your ad campaign. It is expressed as a percentage and calculated by the formula:

CTR = Clicks / Impressions × 100%


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The CTR value determines how often users click on your ad creatives. Use clickable images and headlines to ensure that CTR meets your minimum requirements and positively impacts overall campaign effectiveness. Our blog provides guidance on creating creatives and headlines. If you missed it, check the link.

Secrets of a Clickable Headline: Push.House Tips

Consistently high CTR can be achieved by regularly testing new combinations and approaches. Don’t hesitate to experiment and try new ways to engage with your audience. Ultimately, your efforts will pay off.

  • CPC (Cost Per Click)

CPC represents the average cost per click on the ad. It indicates the cost of one user click on the ad. Push.House advertisers pay for every ad impression, regardless of whether a click occurs. The Push.House algorithm automatically calculates CPC using the formula:

CPC = Expenses × Number of Clicks

  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

CPA determines the average cost of a target action taken by a user after clicking. This action goes beyond just clicking; it’s the final result desired by the advertiser, such as adding a product to the cart, completing a purchase, or filling out a form for a callback, etc.

When evaluating these three methods by the degree of audience “attraction,” CPC is roughly in the middle. The user might not be ready to purchase, but the offer interests them.

  • CPM (Cost Per Mille)

CPM represents the cost for a thousand impressions. This metric helps understand how much was spent per 1000 impressions, gauging the effectiveness of investments. CPM considers and aggregates all impressions, regardless of whether a user clicked on the ad. Calculated by the formula:

CPM = Expenses / Impressions × 1000

Increasing CPM can be achieved by adjusting the bid or improving CTR.

  • CR (Conversion Rate)

CR determines the ratio of the total number of target actions to the total number of clicks. Calculated by the formula:

CR = Number of Target Actions / Total Clicks × 100%

  • ROI (Return on Investment)

ROI is a financial metric measuring campaign profitability. It helps determine the level of profitability of the advertising campaign. Calculated by the formula:

ROI = (Revenue – Expenses) / Expenses × 100%

Unlike other metrics, ROI can take negative values, indicating that the overall revenue from the advertising campaign was less than the total amount spent.

  • WinRate

WinRate is a metric that determines how often your campaign wins in auctions for the right to display an ad. The higher the WinRate, the more traffic your ad will receive, indicating a more successful competition with other advertisers.

Ways to increase WinRate include:

  • Increasing the CTR of the advertising campaign.
  • Raising the bid offered for displaying the ad. You can find the recommended and maximum bid for the region in the “Network Volume” section.
  • Using white and blacklists.


The success of advertising depends on how effectively statistics are collected and key metrics are analyzed. Study, analyze, and use statistical indicators to plan marketing strategies and maximize the benefits of your promotions. If you encounter any issues during advertising, contact our network managers, and we’ll solve them promptly.

Best of luck and profitable campaigns!


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