16 January 2024

App Installs: All About the Vertical

Hey there! This is Push.House. We continue discussing popular verticals that advertisers at Push.House can effectively promote through our advertising network. The next niche on the list – app installs. Like many others, this vertical has proven itself during pandemics and stands out for its stable adaptation to market changes, offering users technological solutions to meet everyday needs. Let’s dive into what the app installs vertical entails, why consumer demand for app install offers continues to grow, and which approaches are most effective in promotion.

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App Installs

App Installs represent a vertical of software offers, applications, and browser extensions. This vertical is popular across almost all GEOs and provides users with various software and utilities that simplify and optimize most processes related to using PCs, mobile devices, or accessing the internet.

Users don’t need to purchase anything or make a deposit when promoting app installs. The target action of most offers is app installation. The advertiser receives a guaranteed payout once a user downloads and installs the software on their device.

Features of App Installs

The simplicity of the target action is the primary and most significant advantage and feature of this vertical. Advertisers don’t need to stir up users’ interest in a purchase or motivate them to make a deposit. It’s enough to demonstrate the practical utility and capabilities of the advertised software and wait for the download to complete. This significantly streamlines the advertising process, enabling effective advertising of offers to an interested audience.

Currently, all programs requiring app installation on devices fall under this category. Despite the wide assortment of offers, the most popular products in this niche include:



Despite ongoing improvements in the security of most OS, antiviruses remain popular even in 2023. Antiviruses have low requirements for preparing promotional materials, offer time-tested approaches, and provide several payout options based on the software:

CPI: payout for installation.

CPA: payout for installation and subscription sign-up. CPA payouts are significantly higher due to the complexity of the potential target action.



Popular services for changing GEO locations gained widespread use due to political instabilities worldwide (sanctions and service blockages) and the spread of cryptocurrency and other areas requiring data replacement or complete anonymity on the internet. VPN payout models include:

CPI: payout for installation.

CPL: payout for registration.

CPA: payout for trial activation or subscription.



Applications for clearing cache and other “junk” from mobile phones and PCs. These apps are popular among Android and Windows users and are particularly useful for speeding up device performance and optimization. Payout models:

CPI: payout for installation.

CPL: payout for registration.

CPA: payout for trial activation or subscription.


Ad Blockers

As the title suggests, these programs allow users to browse content, visit websites, and use the internet without advertisements. Payout models:

CPI: Payment for installation.

CPA: Payment for trial activation or subscription.


Scanners and Other Software

Despite technological advancements and most OS default setups containing all necessary programs, some utilities continue to maintain market popularity. This category of offers includes various applications for document scanning, QR codes, etc. Payout models:

CPI: payout for installation.

CPA: payout for trial activation or subscription.

Unlike other verticals, app installs provide immediate benefits. Sometimes, the audience for such offers doesn’t even realize their need for particular software. Advertisers need to highlight the difficulties users might face without using the advertised software to prompt users to download the program.


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Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of App Installs:

  • Low requirements for entry and the ability to quickly test multiple approaches.
  • Wide scaling possibilities.
  • Diverse offer selection.
  • Particular relevance in certain regions.
  • Simplicity of the target action.

Disadvantages of App Installs:

  • Precise control during initial launches.
  • Extended payout holds.
  • Prospects for high profitability with white and blacklists.

Target Audience

The primary target audience for app installs comprises active internet users aged 20-45. There’s a broader range in Tier-1 and Tier-2 countries, where even older population segments use mobile devices. The popularity of this vertical directly relates to how prevalent mobile devices and tablets are in a country.

By the way, we’ve covered what Tier is and its significance for advertisers in an article here. Check it out if you missed it.

Geo in Affiliate Marketing: What Tier is

The relevance of applications in a region directly impacts consumer demand. In regions where popular platforms and social networks are under official bans, users show more interest in VPNs, while antivirus downloads and installations are highest in countries where desktop usage prevails.

Popular Approaches

Regardless of the offer type, the advertiser’s task when advertising utilities is to create interest in downloading. This is achieved by creating an illusion of danger or simulating device “infection.” In some cases, users willingly download programs after clearly seeing the benefits of their use and getting acquainted with the software’s advantages.



Installs Vertical Creative Examples

A popular approach involves notifying users about software updates or changes in device security operations.

Call to Action

Installs Vertical Creative Examples

A classic approach urging users to install the software to avoid potential issues.


Installs Vertical Creative Examples

Notifying users of possible computer or device infection. A more aggressive but equally effective approach that creates a sense of urgency and prompts users to install.

Advantages Mentioned

Installs Vertical Creative Examples

Highlighting the benefits of usage is great for advertising Cleaners and VPNs.


App installs are not a new vertical but are experiencing a resurgence in CPA marketing. Low payouts for successful advertising are compensated by larger traffic volumes and the target action’s simplicity. Through the Push.House advertising network you can effectively advertise utility offers and software to an interested audience in over 185 GEOs. Sign up now and see for yourself.

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Launch Installs offers on Push.House traffic

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