10 May 2024

On-Click: New Advertising Format by Push.House

Hello! This is Push.House.

We continue to work on improving Push.House and are excited to introduce another important update to our advertising network – the new On-Click advertising format. Let’s delve into what On-Click is, its peculiarities, and how it can maximize profits in advertising any verticals.


On-Click (Popunder, Clickunder, Pop-up) is a unique advertising format that opens the target offer page in a new browser tab. The opening is facilitated by a script embedded in the page’s code. Technically, On-Click appears as an invisible grid overlaid on the main page. Site visitors cannot see this grid, but upon attempting interaction with the page’s content or accidental clicks, the script triggers, opening the landing page in a new tab.

On-Click falls under pop-up advertising — one of the earliest directions in internet advertising. Experienced advertisers began their journey precisely with pop traffic. Over time, this format became a true classic in affiliate marketing. On-Click has established itself in the market as one of the most effective advertising methods with the right approach.

How it Works

On-Click is considered one of the most aggressive advertising formats. Not all users appreciate third-party edits opening without their explicit consent.

Unlike Push.House’s primary advertising formats, On-Click doesn’t require creatives. There’s no need to motivate users to click. The system automatically opens the target page after a click or scrolling to a certain point. Site visitors decide whether to explore the ad content or close the appearing page and continue browsing the site’s content. If the target page interests the user, they may submit an inquiry or perform the desired action, leading to payment for the advertiser.

Advertising offers using the On-Click format occurs on Push.House’s partner sites maintain stable volumes of quality traffic and unique users.


On-Click is ideal for all verticals requiring immediate action here and now. It’s better to advertise products with complex conversions and large deposits through less aggressive formats, such as push notifications. You can read about push notifications and how to profit from them here.

Push Notifications: What Are They and How Do They Work

Offers suitable for the On-Click format, involving impulsive purchases:

  • Nutra
  • Dating
  • Sweepstakes
  • Gambling
  • Betting
  • Adult
  • Installs
  • E-commerce

An intelligent approach can achieve stable advertising results, even advertising financial verticals. However, before creating a campaign, ensure that the deposit size implied by the offer is manageable.

Advantages of On-Click

  • Cost: On-Click stands as one of the most cost-effective advertising formats in the CPA market. The cost per click in Push.House amounts to $0.0001 for advertisers.
  • Simplicity: As the advertising format doesn’t entail creative usage, launching a campaign requires configuring targeting and uploading a quality landing page or pre-landing. Find more about this in our material.
  • User Engagement: With On-Click, your advertisements will undoubtedly grab attention.
  • Adaptability to Verticals: The format’s features allow equally effective advertising offers across various popular verticals. Much will rely solely on targeting settings and the landing page quality, some of which are readily offered by affiliate networks.
  • Wide Device Selection: On-Click is effective across all devices and operating systems.

How to Launch an On-Click Advertising Campaign

To utilize this advertising format for advertising, navigate to the “Campaign Creation” section in your Push.House account.

Among the offered advertising formats, select “On-Click

Proceed with setting up the advertising campaign as usual. We’ve covered how to launch an advertising campaign in Push.House in a comprehensive guide. Head over and read if you missed it.

Guide: Launch Your First Advertising Campaign

Additionally, to save on budget and avoid unwanted expenses, make use of automated rules – an innovation in our network that we’ve previously discussed through this link.

Automated Rules by Push.House


On-Click remains a valuable and efficient advertising format that has retained its relevance in the market for many years. Ensure the effectiveness of this format firsthand by launching your first advertising campaign right now.

Best of luck!