General provisions
Advertisers who have registered at and are using the advertising network for launching an advertisement campaign are the partners of Push.House.

The adoption of the following rules is mandatory for joining Push.House. Any applicant may be prevented from participating in the program by the administration without specifying or explaining the reason. The Administration of the advertising network has full right to suspend the display of the advertisements or block the user’s account if (s)he violated the current rules.

The Administration of the advertising network can modify the current rules in its sole discretion. Every partner assumes sole responsibility to preview the rules periodically. The content of the current rules includes any other instructions published on the official website of the Advertising network.
The Administration of the Advertising network does not assume any liability for the consequences associated with the user account hacking and any changes in the payment data of the user. You must restrict the access of third parties to the account and use any means to assist the Administration of the advertising network to maintain the exclusivity of your access to your account.
Any violation of the rules that are specified in the relevant section, entails a 'ban' account with all amount.
In the case of received warning about violation and ignoring this warning - 'ban' account. When trying to cheat moderation, change the pre-landing or turn it off and send adult ads - 'ban' account.
This applies to all rules of the advertising network.
Fundamental rules for participation in the advertising network

Prohibited materials
Materials that are prohibited or illegal by the rules of the advertising network Push.House should not be contained in the advertisement. The category of prohibited materials includes the following items:

The images and text materials used in advertising campaign must fully correspond to the advertised material and reality.
The images and text materials used in the advertisement should not contain political, religious, sexual or any other similar material.
It is categorically forbidden to use images or text material where shock tactics or intimidation is used.
Invalid materials
It is forbidden to use images and text materials containing excessively sexual content, concentrating the attention to certain naked parts of body close-up. The images and text materials of an erotic (pornographic) nature will not be allowed to appear.
Correct category for “Adult”
It is strictly prohibited to use adult (18+) content in any manifestation.
You can not use pictures, texts and landings from the adult category.
A 3-fold violation of this rule entails nullifying and blocking the account.
Incorrect category for “Adult”
Materials containing elements and/or propaganda of violence, harassment of an individual or a group of individuals as well as materials leaning towards harassment or intimidation.
Materials advocating hostility, hatred and discriminatory or negligent treatment of an individual or a group of individuals based on racial, national, religious, gender differences and marital status.
Materials containing description and/or propaganda of using narcotic drugs and anything connected to this topic are inadmissible
Materials related to the advertisement or sale of ammunition and/or weapons, i.e. combat knives, firearms and their components, explosive mechanisms and/or explosive materials and their components.
It is forbidden to use official logos
The content of the advertisement must necessarily be in the language of the respective region.
It is forbidden to clone campaigns.
Campaigns are not considered as a clone if they differ: a picture and a title, a title and a message, a picture and a message.
It is forbidden to exchange accounts in the Push.House system. Any account exchange: sale, transfer, gift, is forbidden.
2.11 Registration of more than one account in the system is prohibited without prior approval from the administration.
Accounts that violated this rule will be blocked instantly. The balance will not be returned to the offender.
Not allowed for advertise offers according to the type of questionnaires that are fake and do not correspond to reality:
The questionnaires, landings that offer a prize or the amount of money for a poll, are no longer allowed to advertise.
It is not allowed to advertise following offers:
adware, malware, viruses, phishing offers, "tech support"
creatives should not contain the words like “your software is outdated”, “your device is infected”, “viruses found” etc. No misleading ads, providing false info to the user
It is forbidden to use contact information and e-mail with swear words or insult. In any demonstration. These accounts will be instantly
locked. The balance will not be returned to the offender.
Insult and profanity in relation to technical support may result account 'ban'
The partner will receive a warning notice if any of the provisions mentioned above will repeatedly be violated. In case of the absence of response to the warnings or ignorance of them, the account will be blocked with all its means.
2.16 It is forbidden to purchase traffic from the Push format to the landing pages of push subscriptions.

Payment information
To join the advertising network, the user need to make a 100% prepayment of the services provided. The minimum amount of payment provided by the rules is 50$.
Each advertiser can use the following payment systems: WebMoney, ePayments, and others. The balance replenishes upon the request.
Refunds not allowed.
Final provisions
Under the terms of the cooperation, you agree that the Administration of the Advertising network does not provide a guarantee regarding the display of any advertising materials, the time of their placement and the amount of the payment in accordance with the Rules.
The Administration is not a guarantee for the effective performance of the advertising network at an time including the periods of downtime associated with the following provisions:
Violations involving data transfer in the arbitrary segments of the Internet.
Failures of the equipment carried out by the user, the advertising network or third parties that relate to that activity.
Preventive works.
Circumstances not controlled by the network administration.
The Administration of the Advertising Network does not provide guarantees for advertisements and URLs published by advertising network. Besides, the Administration is not a guarantee for the quality of the websites or products mentioned in the advertised material. The advertising network is not responsible for the appearance of this kind of advertisements on the websites of the User.